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A recent article in the Guardian described a new course for top professional coaches throughout England's Academies. Based at St George's Park the 'Advance Youth Award' builds on the Youth Modules and aims to challenge to traditional Coach Focus approach and replace it with a "Player Centred" view for all work a coach does with players. Now, if this is language recognised by Beacon Hill coaches then that's no surprise as one of the Lead Tutors on the course is Merf Roberts, Beacon Hill's Player Development Officer. Beacon's initial involvement with the FA was with filming for the Level One Coaching DVD back in 2008 and since then the Hill has been a test bed for many of the strategies now being shared at St George's Park. Hill coaches Rachel Harwood, Anita Wilson and Daniel Rapson have completed their Youth Module Two qualifications and the work of all the club's coaches reflects that "Player Centred" approach.

For more details have a look at the Guardian Blog, and read more about the new Advanced Youth Award with the FA here


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