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Beacon Hill Coaching Cards
Here are a small selection of the many coaching cards designed by Beacon Hill's FA qualified coaches. They describe games and activities used in our training sessions and are based on Beacon Hill's Player Focused Approach to coaching, designed to help develop players' skills, movement and decision making. For further information email Merf Roberts at coaching@beaconhillfc.co.uk.

Click on the pictures to go to a larger version. Then right click / Save Image As or simply print from your browser for an A4 paper copy.
Bulldog Bulldog

Based on the playground classic; attackers attempt to dribble through the live zone. If tackled then it's time to defend until all attackers are gone. Adding goals makes for a match-like variation.


Contributed by Rachel Banham
Cones, Challenge, Shoot Cones, Challenge, Shoot

A warm up game where players challenge for the ball and try to beat the keeper. Two teams make it competative, adding coloured cones keeps the players thinking.


Contributed by MS
Pass Pass Pass Shoot Pass Pass Pass Shoot

Two teams, three zones, four goals. Add some colours and make passing the priority.


Contributed by Nick Smith
Pass Turn Call Shoot Pass Turn Call Shoot

Quick-thinking required to score while outnumbered into a goal the player nominates on-the-fly.


Contributed by Kevin Peear
Third Man Running and Finish Third Man Running and Finish

Three v three. Can the attackers drag out the centre backs to make it through on goal? Think Ozil and Klose vs Terry and Upson.


Contributed by Merf Roberts
Dozens more of these cards are available in the equipment room at the ground.


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