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FA Charter Standard
Beacon Hill Rovers Contacts / Committee
Chair Merfyn Roberts chair@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Vice-Chair Steve Ewers vicechair@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Secretary Steve Carter secretary@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Treasurer Mick Carabine treasurer@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Coaching & Development Officer Merfyn Roberts coaching@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Community Coach Peter Mickelsen commcoach@beaconhillfc.co.uk
First Team Manager John Plumb first@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Reserve Team Manager Wayne Purser reserve@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Third Team Manager John Scott / Jonny Hewer third@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Veterans Manager Mark Ellender veterans@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Ladies Manager Stuart Harwood ladies@beaconhillfc.co.uk
U17 Boys Manager David Dines u17boys@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Social Secretary tbd social@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Players' Representative 1 Matt Wilsher playersrep@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Players' Representative 2 tbd playersrep@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Players' Representative 3 tbd playersrep@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Welfare Officer Jayne Stevens welfare@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Youth Secretary Leighton Allman youthsec@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Girls Secretary Rachel Harwood girlsec@beaconhillfc.co.uk
Communications Office Wayne Purser comms@beaconhillfc.co.uk
U13 Girls Manager Paul Lambert u13girls@beaconhillfc.co.uk
U15 Girls Manager Darren Claydon u15girls@beaconhillfc.co.uk
U15 Boys Manager Matt Low u15boys@beaconhillfc.co.uk
U13 Boys Manager Ryan Harvey u13boys@beaconhillfc.co.uk
U11s Manager Iain Skerritt u11@beaconhillfc.co.uk
U9's Manager Daniel Rapson u9@beaconhillfc.co.uk
u7's Manager Emily Parker u7@beaconhillfc.co.uk
FA Charter Standard Club of the Year 2008
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