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BHR Tourists Roll of Honour

“At the rising of the sun, we will remember them
(and order another beer)”

1994 Belgium (aka Amsterdam):
Stu, Merf, MC, Henno Snr, Woodsy, Ludo Cox, Darren O’Hare, Ellender, Chippy, Glen Randall, Richie Philli, Boony, Sanj Ingles, Welski, Mark Stevens (15)

Kabul, Spewsmate, Henno and the wall, museums and galleries, “I Found My Thrill, on Beacon Hill”, “Chippy, the Great Defender”, Boony’s H&S check, Henno Engulfed in Flames, The Bike Frame

1995 France (aka Amsterdam):
Stu, Merf, MC, Henno Snr, Woodsy, Welski, Ludo Cox, Boony, Ellender, Jim Davis, Darren O’Hare, Gary Raymond, Tony Wylie (13)

BFJ’s Black’n’White Army t-shirts, Kabul 2, floating beds, “Hard But Fair” tournament, Boony’s Antique Italian Shirt collection

1996 Antwerp:
Stu, Merf, MC, Gary Raymond, John Wylie, Tony Wylie, Darren O’Hare, Welski, Parky, Keith Sutton, Flipper Newton (11)

Cheers Boony, the Trailer Tour

1998 Amsterdam:
Stu, Merf, MC, Stevie C, Chippy, Damo Adcock, SP, Welski, Keith Sutton, Flipper Newton, Boony, Gary Raymond, James Pickford, Sean (14)

Stevie C the Umbrella Man, SP “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off”, Flipper, Boony’s Antique photo collection, Only 1 game against a teetotal team from Hackney

1999 Amsterdam:
Stu, Merf, Stevie C, Gary Raymond, Woodsy, Welski, John Wylie, Tony Wylie, Boony, Lee, Blake Oscar Crouch, Mr Knight, Roger Playle, John ? (14)

The Flying Pig Tour, No Micky C

2000 Dublin:
Stu, Merf, MC, Stevie C, Welski, Woodsy, Henno Jnr, Macca, Ellender, Darren O’Hare, John Wylie, Tony Wylie, Lee, Boony (13)

Ipswich play-offs, the Wake, Micky slept for 24 hours after getting his hair cut

2001 Prague:
Stu, Merf, MC, Stevie C, Woodsy, Mark Simons, Tony Loon Andrews, Richie Philli, Parky, Welski, Nursey, Darren Cable, Mr and Mrs ? (old couple from the pub!) (14)

Marcus Stewart, Welski the Billionaire, Richie the counsellor

2002 Edinburgh:
Stu, Merf, MC, Stevie C, Ellender, Welski, Henno Snr, Henno Jnr, James McCormack, HAK, Darren Cable, Bill Suggitt, Jo Henno, Rachel, Trish, Shazza, Jane, Gill, Barbie, Jo F, Tiff, Ginny, Lucy (23)

World Cup year watching England v Sweden in Scotland, HAK asking where it all went wrong.

2003 Amsterdam:
Stu, Merf, MC, Stevie C, James McCormack, Jamie Missing/Little, Reg S, Jo Villa, Philip Rigler (Wayne’s Mate), Darren Cable, Wayne, Philip Rigler (Wayne’s Mate), Barnsey, Archie (13)

Posh Hotel, Bonsai Tree, James attention seeking, Bluebirds play-offs

2004 Amsterdam:
Stu, Merf, MC, Stevie C, Kev Rooney, Ryan, Keysey, Roger Digby, Alec Turner, Mick Riglin, Reg S, Dobbo, Bill Suggitt, Gary Smith, Rachel, Marnie, Jo Cooper, Kate, Helen, Oz, Lamby, Chris Surridge, Liam, Ed, Pete Cooper, Paul F-H (27)

Vets on tour, Rogers coffee and red wine moment, no schliding, no knobs

2005 Amsterdam:
Stu, Merf, MC, Stevie C, Kev Rooney, Keysey, Alec Turner, Roger Digby, Gary Smith, SP, Simon Thompson, Reg S, Rachel, Cat, Debbie, Kirky, Gill, Marnie, Helen, Kate, Paul F-H, Michael Smith-Evans, Mick Riglin (24)

Rach/Kirky, West ham Play-offs

2006 Tallinn:
Stu, Merf, MC, Reg S, Roger Digby, Kev Rooney, Dobbo, Jo Cooper,  Rachel, Helen, Kirky, Gill, Kate, Pete Cooper, Michael Smith-Evans, Mick Riglin, Alec Turner, Reg B (18)

Back four average age 48.5! Communist Bloc Hotel,

2007 Prague:
Stu, Merf, MC, Stevie C, Rachel, Kirky, Gill, Michael Smith-Evans, Roger Digby, Reg S, Reg B, Gary Smith, Keysey, Rooty, Kev Rooney, Alec Turner, Chris Yabs, Hewie, Jordan, Rob Smith, Arran, Si Ward, Mick Riglin (23)

Pedalow race under the Charles Bridge, 2 games back to back with only 19 players and temp in the 90s.

2008 Bratislava:
Stu, Merf, MC, Stevie C, Pete Marchi, Rooty, Reg S, Woody, Keysey, Roger Digby, Reg B, Keith Burne (12)

Bare 11 for a 10:30 kick off, FA Cup Final in local bar, Slovan Ultras.

2009 Amsterdam:
Stu, Merf, MC, Stevie C, Rooty, Reg S, Keysey, Roger Digby, Reg B, Kev Lee, Rachel, Nina, Justine, Lynne, Hewie, Kingy, Emma, Jamie R, Shelly, Rabbit, Anna South, Will South, Bomber, Amy, Yabo, Yabo II, Yabo III, Dave Marsh, Baker, Adam S (29)

Missed flight, Missed train, Ladies win beer tokens and tournament, MC fails to sleep in his bed, passports left in the bar, record number of tour virgins (18) and the 6am escalator incident.

2010 Amsterdam:
Stu, Merf, MC, Roger Digby, Kev Lee, Rachel, Justine, Lynne, Emma, Amy, Claire, Rob H, Parky, Chris O, Kev Rooney (15)

2 days of football, ladies win again without conceding this time (13 games played, 7 win, 5 draws and 1 defeat) and a hairy arse incident.

2011 Amsterdam:
Stu, Merf, MC, Roger Digby, Kev Lee, Rachel, Justine, Lynne, Emma, Amy, Anna, Rob H, Parky, Chris A, Matt D, Chocco, Steve E, Reg , Keysie(19) player profiles.

Minibus, trains, ferry, train, tram, bus and planes, a 3 nighter and ladies secure their 3rd tournament win in 3 years (even if this time they had to fight for it!)

2012 Oostende:
Stu, Merf, Roger Digby, Rach, Justine, Lynne, Emma, Amy, Anna, Nina, Marie, Claire, Rob H, Chocco, Steve E, Reg , Jamie Gorman, Tony Reilly, Thomas Ewers, Ryan Felton(20). player profiles.

Gary the coach driver! A 15 per head drink as much as you like Sunday afternoon and we did drink as much as we liked and Harwood notched again in Europe!

  • 18 Tours

  • 317 Tourists

  • 6 Different European Capital Cities and 2 Belgian Towns

  • 4 Major Injuries

  • 7,925 Pints consumed and a glass of red wine

  • Only 1 player has failed to make it up for the game (Amsterdam 2004, Liam)

Beacon Hill Times Tourists XI
  • Stu (18)

  • Merf (18)

  • MC (16)

  • Stevie C (11)

  • Roger Digby (9)

  • Rachel (9)

  • Welski (7)

  • Reg S (6)

  • Keysie (6)

  • Reg B (5)

  • Kev Rooney (5)

  • + someone we find on the boat/airport/train station

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